Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have recently aquired a personal trainer... why, some of you may ask. Its because I'm a chubby kid at heart. If its food I like it... and I eat it. Hence the need to work out... a lot. However, despite my best intentions I seem to struggle with getting to the gym on a regular basis. So I decided to get a trainer (that and I wanted to look super hot for bro's wedding).

I used to think I was in pretty good shape, then I walked into my gym took one look around and I thought I was in alright shape, then I met with my trainer and I realized I was in bad shape... Today we did cardio and core workouts and because my trainer didn't have an appointment after mine he got to spend a whole hour training me (double ouch). Im the type of person that can go for long distances as long as I go really slow. Now for most normal people a slow running pace would be about 7 mph. Well for me a fast running pace is anything over 5 mph. I told my trainer this but he either didn't believe me or he was picked on as a child and has deep inner anger that he needs to release and I just happen to be the easiest target (probably cause I don't run fast enough to get away). Well if being slow wasn't bad enough I also turn bright red (tomatos would be envious) whenever I do anything remotely athletic. Its really not cute at all and I kinda look like I might die. Well so far during my training sessions I have fallen with weights on my back nearly killing myself and my trainer, tripped up and down the stairs, fallen over doing lunges, fallen off my exercise ball, and nearly passed out from over-exerting myself. I think your starting to see my point... I'm slightly pathetic. And of course my trainer is extremely attractive, with no real physical flaws. But so goes life, all I can hope is after I have been working out for long enough he will realize how awesome I am and will forget all those times where I nearly killed myself...

The steps to getting a personal trainer...
1. scope out the trainer options first before committing
2. pick one thats not cute to whip your body into shape
3. switch to new, hot trainer once you got an awesome body
4. impress him with your awesomeness
5. live happily ever after

Disclaimer: My trainer is actually really nice... but the rest of it is true

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  1. Oh how i miss you, when do i get to see you and your hot bod?